History of Greek Food

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Experience The Pleasing Palate of Greek Cuisine

Greek food is vibrantly fresh, sprinkled with rich and diverse flavors and spices that make this ancient fare still delicious today.

Both comforting and nutritious, Greek food is the perfect option for those who like to explore and develop their palate to those who love a good comfort food staple.

Explore the history of Greek food and its history with Cafe Santorini!


The Ancient Fusion Cuisine

Greek cooking is ancient cooking that dates back to around 350 B.C. when both northern and eastern influences met the Mediterranean via Alexander the Great. Between the rise and fall of many eras — Greece falling to the Romans and then the later rise of the Ottoman Empire (Turks) — there were many events that made Greek food what it is today.

From tzatziki (derived from Turkish “cacik”) to the Arabic word for chickpea (hummus), Greek food has evolved and adapted from many influences to settle into what it is today. These flavors are bold and fresh, yet timeless and traditional.

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Greek Favorites


A gyro is slowly spit-roasted meat — typically beef or lamb — that is thinly sliced, seasoned with a blend of oregano, thyme, rosemary, etc., and topped in a pita with veggies and tzatziki sauce. The Greeks take on a sandwich.


Souvlaki is a Greek kabob with grilled meat served on a skewer, traditionally either pork or chicken is used.

Tzatziki Sauce

Tzatziki sauce is a creamy yogurt sauce with drained cucumber, fresh herbs (traditionally mint or dill), garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and salt. This is a diverse sauce that is used for dipping pita and veggies, to a spread that goes on a gyro.


Spanakopita is a savory pie stuffed with layers of cheeses, spinach, onions, and herbs and folded into a flaky phyllo dough.

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Greek cuisine has so many delicious options, and Cafe Santorini has them all. Stop in for lunch or dinner and relax on our patio surrounded by a beautiful stone fountain, beautiful flowers, and trees, or relax and unwind with a drink or two in our lounge.

Whatever kind of dining experience you’re after, Cafe Santori will always deliver on delicious Greek food for every kind of palate — the adventurous and the traditional!

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