Explore Greek Food Culture

Greek food stems from the rich Mediterranean culture with a cuisine that is enjoyed worldwide. From amazing olive oil and honey to seafood, and wine, not only is the food pleasing to the palate, but it’s one of the healthiest diets in the world.


Finger Food

Forget traditional cutlery, the old world was known for eating a majority of meals with their hands. And while there are still a few remaining dishes you can do this with, nowadays, greek food can be enjoyed with the help of a knife and fork.

What are some great Greek finger foods to be enjoyed at Cafe Santorini? Try our Greek fries, marinated olives, gyros, pita wraps, and so much more!


Greek Flavors

Nothing would make Greek food Greek without the myriad of spices that are lovingly sprinkled into each dish. What would gyros be without coriander and oregano, or tzatziki sauce without mint and dill?

Greek flavor highlights and accentuates dishes with a wide variety of spices, most notably, cumin, cinnamon, and saffron.

Experience traditional Greek flavors at Cafe Santorini with dishes such as our grilled salmon filet, pork or chicken souvlaki, Greek coleslaw.


Traditional Greek Foods

What comes to mind when you’re in the mood for Greek? Gyros? Spanakopita? Traditional Greek food has many favorites including hummus, pitas, fasolatha, moussaka, and baklava.

Find Greek favorites at Cafe Santorini including pita with a trio of dips, chickpea salad, gyros, and so much more.


Don’t Forget Pizza!

Pizza needs a category all of its own, afterall! Although it’s not always the first Mediterranean meal people think of when it comes to Greek food, pizza is a must! Because Santorini was once ruled by the Romans, Cafe Santorini celebrates this part of history with delicious pizza options.

Try the Arugula Supremo (Tony’s secret sauce, baby arugula, shaved parmesan, and a balsamic glaze) or order a different take on pizza — La Bellachini — which features a trio of cheeses, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes.

In the mood for Greek?! No matter if you’re a seasoned Greek food enthusiast or are trying it for the first time, Cafe Santorini has something for everyone. Stop in today and indulge in our favorite offerings from the Mediterranean.