How Cafe Santorini Puts a Modern Twist on Ancient Greek Food

How Cafe Santorini Puts a Modern Twist on Ancient Greek Food

When you think of Greek food, you likely envision gyros, olives, hummus, and tzatziki sauce. These are all staples of authentic Greek cuisine, and at Cafe Santorini in Toronto, you can find all of them and more. We like to put a modern twist on ancient Greek food, while still honoring the history and tradition of the region. Visit us today to find your new favorites!

How Cafe Santorini Puts a Modern Twist on Ancient Greek Food

Modern Atmosphere

Greek cuisine dates back to approximately 350 B.C. and has been influenced by many cultures throughout the centuries. At Cafe Santorini, we love offering Greek food in a modern atmosphere that touches on the ancient history of Greece. We want you to feel right at home every time you visit our restaurant, with a clean and vibrant atmosphere to welcome you.


Knowledgeable Staff

When you visit a restaurant, you want the staff to be friendly and accommodating, making sure you have everything you need. At Cafe Santorini, our staff is knowledgeable about all of the options on our menu, and if you have a question about a certain entree, they can answer it or find more information for you. This can help you enjoy your meal even more!


Our Own Spin on Greek Recipes

Our chef and kitchen staff are always working hard to perfect new recipes and offer new items on our menu. We love putting our own spin on traditional Greek recipes, such as souvlaki or spanakopita, and we know you’ll love the flavors you experience every time you dine with us.


Dedication to Quality

Above all, we are dedicated to providing quality food and service to every customer. We make sure our ingredients are fresh and that every dish is made to order so you get exactly what you want. Whether you visit us for lunch or dinner, you can expect amazing food that honors the traditions of Greece while bringing something new to the table.

If you’re looking for an idea for date night, or you simply want to get out of the house for a delicious meal, come to Cafe Santorini. We offer some of the finest Greek cuisine in Toronto, and we’d love to have you visit our restaurant!